Chairman Message

The construction industry of Hong Kong creates and builds a world class infrastructure which underpins how the Hong Kong economy functions, how Hong Kong people interacts and how Hong Kong connects to the world seamlessly.

Our construction industry faces a pressing need for enhanced construction processes and a sustainable workforce that can deliver transformational change in the next decade to stretch our ambition to bring Hong Kong construction to another new height.

Leveraging on innovation and technology is the catalyst to this transformation process. The Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) was established in October 2018 with an allocation of $1 billion to support our industry stakeholders to embark on this transformation journey and to inspire our builders to stretch beyond limits.

As of August 2022, the CITF had approved over 2 690 applications from more than 930 enterprises for adoption of innovative construction technologies, and about 13 900 training places, offering funding grants of more than $746 million. To support the continued operation of the CITF and implementation of enhancement measures, another $1.2 billion was injected in 2022.

The CITF supports the use of innovation and technology that can transform what we build, what we build with, and how we build it. The CITF also provides a platform to unite our industry stakeholders to pursue excellence with passion, commitment and expertise. Our ultimate aims are to promote productivity, uplift built quality, improve site safety and enhance environmental performance for the betterment of our home, Hong Kong.

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Ir Edwin Tong Ka-hung, SBS

Chairperson, Management Committee on CITF